World and Folk Australia are a booking agency dedicated to representing, promoting, and creating performance opportunities for artists within the World and Folk genre. We also provide high quality educational programs in Primary and Secondary Schools throughout Australia with a special focus on supporting these culturally diverse styles. We are an environmentally conscious agency, ensuring that all of our activities follow best environmental practice and also advocate sustainability in the arts.


Artists, Community, Education, Sustainability


To actively support, develop, book, and promote World and Folk music in Australia.


  • To actively engage with artists and provide customised professional services to enhance and improve their career trajectory.

  • Engage with communities we represent to ensure we accurately reflect the values, customs, and traditions of their cultures.

  • Authentically represent World and Folk music in Educational programs we offer.

  • Tailor our educational programs to make them engaging, interactive, informative, and accessible for all students.

  • Encourage and endorse sustainable music industry practice by employing eco conscious strategies and engaging with eco conscious programs.

  • Support the next generation of World and Folk musicians through education.