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Alpen Akustik

From humble beginnings as a performing duo in Oma’s Kitchen, Alpen Akustik grew into a full sized Traditional Oompah band, perfect for any Oktoberfest or German Themed occasion.
Playing the oldest alpine folk songs, to contemporary ballads, European Pop and traditional drinking songs, Alpen Akustik’s music builds upon everything that is commonly associated with the German/Austrian Alpine Culture and recreates the festive Beer Hall atmosphere.

Likes: Steins of Bavarian Ale, Sauerkraut, Pork Knuckle, Bratwurst, Yodelling, Dirndls.

Dislikes: Bad Beer, Sub-par Schnitzel, Inefficiency.

Slip into your Lederhosen, fill your Stein, get ready to Slap Dance and Yodel! Alpen Akustik presents a true German Oompah Band experience.