The Dew Cats

The Dew Cats have been wooing audiences throughout NSW for the past 3 years with their committed drive to rejuvenating the vintage style of Gypsy Jazz and bringing it into the modern world. The outfit covers jazz/blues classics from the 1920's and 30's , incorporating a sultry twist on some more modern pop/rock tunes, sure to create a wave of infectious foot-tapping for everyone.

Guitar worlds collided when Julian Grant and Sam Rush joined forces at The Newcastle Conservatorium, with their equal passion for an energetic gypsy jam, thus sparking the idea for The Dew Cats. Then the quest for a singer and bass player ensued, introducing the heartfelt lyrical tone of Amy Harris on vocals and the jiving double bass from Mick Rippon, completing the core lineup for The Dew Cats. If that’s not enough, there’s a revolving door of clarinet, saxophone, violin and percussion players to take The Dew Cats to the next sonic level for your event.

Furthermore, by channeling the teams collective expertise and extensive performing experience, such as The Entrance Jazz and Blues Festival and the NIMA Jazz Underground, under their belts, The Dew Cats will present a slick and smooth show that will leave you wanting more.

“The Dew Cats are truly an incredible outfit bursting with talent. When they’re on stage, every single member is so content with the flow and purpose of the music that I really do challenge you to try not to smile during their set” – Laura Kebby of the Newcastle Mirage.

Showing no signs of stopping, The Dew Cats are preparing for an album release, due next Autumn. Rest assured that the debut album will culminate what the band has been test driving over the last few years to give you an authentic experience everywhere you go.