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The Emerald Ruby, Kay Proudlove and Chris (Tinsmith) @ Lvl 1 Lazybones

  • LazyBones Lounge 294 Marrickville Road Marrickville, NSW, 2204 Australia (map)

Join The Emerald Ruby, Kay Proudlove and Chris Raicevich (tinsmith) for an evening of story telling, folk music and peaceful vibes. 

We'll be taking over LEVEL 1 of the lazybones lounge in Marrickville. They'll be serving fun drinks and dinner. $15 on the door $10 presale. Doors at 7pm

The Emerald Ruby

Sometimes classical musicians are lead astray by the lilting sounds of folk music. This is what happened to Australian Flautist Jennifer Hankin, leading her to the sound of The Emerald Ruby. She was first introduced to folk music through her experiences with Folk bands Vanishing Shapes and the Button Collective. Their influence on her songwriting has lead her to long form looping with Ukulele, Flutes and Voice, creating a gentle glittery whimsy.

Kay Proudlove

A display of honesty, story telling and a general acceptance of awkwardness, Kay's live performance is much like being invited to her lounge room.

During a less-than-smooth transition from pre-teen to adolescent, Kay’s songwriting beginnings were accompanied by a solid year of impersonating her early inspirations such as Missy Higgins, Katie Noonan, Kasey Chambers and Darren Hanlon, whilst trying to find her own brand of noise. Combining acoustic guitar with her jazz-nuanced folk singing style, she has done just that, writing and performing with an engaging storytelling quality.

Playing house concerts and intimate gigs around Australia, Kay has been one of indie-folk’s best kept secrets, gaining a steady following of music goers who have a soft spot for a songstress with an accidental sense of humour. Feeling just as comfortable on stages of venues and festivals nationwide, Kay’s audience is as diverse as her repertoire.

Chris Raicevich (Tinsmith):

Chris Raicevich desperately wants to be liked but is horrified of expressing himself openly in environments where he lacks control. He feels that by relentlessly perfecting a craft and selectively performing that craft he can give off the impression that he is 'cool and collected' in day to day situations as well as on stage. 

He is not unhappy that his introversion on stage comes across as a brooding thoughtfulness; if you were to ask him what his music is like he would further attempt to reinforce the image of ‘the introspective folk singer’, all the while hoping you don’t cotton on to the fact that he’s just another guy who learnt guitar when he was 13 to meet girls. 

He also fronts Sydney’s broodiest and most ‘got it together' band, Tinsmith.